10 Stylish and Timeless Women Who Are The Ultimate Inspiration


Looking for style inspiration to perfect a polished look? Or how about a masterclass in trend-setting? Here’s our selection of 10 of the most stylish and timeless women who are the ultimate inspiration.


  1. Meghan Markle is an inspiring and fearless female who has not only had an accomplished career but is also an advocator and ambassador for so many deserved charities and causes. Soon to join the Royal Family, Meghan has perfected her polished style, oozing effortless elegance. Whether she is on the red carpet or attending an official royal engagement, her classic colour palette and flattering silhouettes offer a timeless style that is the ultimate inspiration.


  1. The Duchess of Cambridge offers a masterclass in sophistication and refinement. Whatever the occasion, on or off-duty, Kate Middleton always steps out with flawless style. She has refreshed royal dressing with a contemporary take on the conservative dress code for official engagements. In winter, she perfectly combines practicality with style and is known for her covetable array of beautifully tailored coats.


  1. Victoria Beckham has championed chic and timeless style for many years. While building her own fashion empire, she has become a fashion icon through her own personal style, as well as a designer. Taking pristine to the next level, Victoria opts for a variety of looks but channels faultless chic and sophistication through tailoring, over-sizing and impeccable accessories.


  1. Olivia Palermo has become the modern-day fashion icon mainstay. Her style is bold and fashion forward yet every pairing showcases elegance and finesse. Olivia demonstrates innovative styling through a variety of silhouettes, colours and trends. She pulls off every outfit whether day, night or special event, dressing effortlessly, and providing diverse style inspiration for just about any occasion.

  1. Emma Watson’s style has evolved with her – from child actress through to the Hollywood star she is today. Frequenting the red carpet, she has honed a feminine style with an edgy twist. She is also a strong advocator for ethical fashion, demonstrating that you can be stylish and sustainable.


  1. Alexa Chung is at the forefront of influential style and has become a renowned icon for her distinguishable fashion. With a unique ability to create her own trends, her signature looks are fresh and unconventional. She teams casual with playful, and reworks classics and vintage-inspired pieces to create covetable and sell-out modern trends. Alexa is without a doubt the epitome of British cool.


  1. Holly Willoughby has quickly developed a coveted wardrobe. Her daily outfit posts on Instagram provide inspiration for effortless elegance. Each look perfectly flatters her feminine silhouette while delivering a sophisticated yet playful style. Holly’s perfectly polished day and night looks team signature styles with a colourful palette, while experimenting with textures such as sequins and print.


  1. Kate Moss has been a British fashion icon since the 90’s when she first entered the limelight. A constant trend-setter, the supermodel has dominated the fashion industry for the past two decades, exuding confidence and combining rock chick with glamour. Whether it’s Hunter wellies at a festival, or leather trousers for a gig, Kate maintains effortless cool and timeless chic.


  1. Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States of America, proved to be both a powerful and inspiring icon – inside and out. Always stepping out with impeccable style and sophistication, the use of bold colour and prints add her warm personality to every outfit. A supporter of practicality, Michelle’s style is accessible for the everyday woman, ditching heels for flats and showing that you can be chic and comfortable.


  1. With a prevailing sense of timeless style, Meryl Streep is an understated fashion inspiration. This leading lady captures her audience both on and off screen with stylish outfits that have transcended her career and endless trends. From glamourous evening gowns to precision tailoring, Meryl has refined her style, keeping it classic and elegant both on and off the red carpet.

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