5 New Year’s Eve Outfits

5 New Year’s Eve Outfits to take you into 2018; from cocktail dress to dinner party, our selection has it covered.


  1. For ColourSilk Bow Midi Dress Berry Pink

Designed with a flattering tailored silhouette, this silk dress features the iconic pussy bow neckline. Lace back panels, showcasing an intricate scalloped edge, and wide tailored cuffs offer exquisite detailing to this luxurious occasion wear dress. Presented in the sumptuous Berry Pink, this is sure to turn heads; the perfect choice for those that want to add colour to New Year’s Eve.


  1. The Flirty Party DressLace Mini Dress Teal

The tailored lace body beautifully accentuates the waist, while the voluminous silk skirt adds elegance with a flirty hem finishing just above the knee. The rich jewel tone is a vibrant alternative, making this the ultimate party dress for New Year’s Eve out on the town.


New Years Eve Outfits


  1. The Cocktail PartyLace Midi Dress Navy Blue

The Lace Midi Dress Navy Blue is a contemporary evening dress with a fresh and feminine twist. The rich midnight blue is an opulent and timeless alternative for after-dark events. Italian lace, combined with sumptuous silk, makes this the sophisticated cocktail party dress for New Year’s Eve with friends.


  1. The Dinner PartySilk Maxi Dress Navy Blue

The Silk Maxi Dress is a statement piece for effortless elegance. Our most luxurious design yet, oozing sophistication with a simple yet sleek silhouette featuring the bespoke rose print. This is the perfect piece for those that are hosting a dinner party on New Year’s Eve.


New Years Eve Outfits

  1. The Versatile OptionLace Back Top Navy Blue and Rose Silk Midi Skirt

For those of us that need a last-minute outfit for unscheduled events you simply can’t turn down, this simple two-piece creates a power pairing. The open back of the Lace Back Top is sensual and seductive, with its tantalising curved hem tracing the arc of the female form. The Silk Midi Skirt adds a fun pop of colour with an elegant silhouette. This is the adaptable outfit that ensures wherever you are when the clock strikes midnight and the champagne corks are popping, you are celebrating in elegance.