How To Beat The January Blues

After a long holiday enjoying quality time with family and friends, arriving back at our desk in January can feel less than inviting. The days are short, the dark nights are long, and the temperature suddenly seems to drop. With Spring still a few months away, we all know that ‘back to work’ feeling, so here is our top tips for how to beat the January blues.


  1. Take a walk on your lunch break

Sunlight is so important for our bodies. For many commuters, you will be travelling to and from work in darkness during these winter months. Ensure you catch enough daylight by going outside on your lunch break and taking a walk; t is so good for our brain and wellbeing. This, in turn, will help with your mood and productivity. Wrap up warm and swap a sandwich at your desk for a brisk stroll outside.

  1. Plan your holiday

What better time to book that summer sunny getaway than January? Holidays are the key to rest and relaxation, and so having this planned creates something to look forward to. The beckon of sun, sea and sand will drown out the cold and wet weather for the last of the winter months, undoubtedly beating the January blues.


  1. Ensure you exercise

Take up a new hobby or class to get those endorphins going. We all know the gym is suddenly heaving come the start of January, with all those New Year’s resolutions; however, releasing some endorphins is exactly what is needed to lift your mood and beat the blues. Instead of signing up for a new gym membership, take up a new sport that interests you, making exercise fun and enjoyable, perhaps indoor climbing or swimming.


How To Beat The January Blues

  1. Declutter

While taking down the Christmas decorations and packing away your new Christmas gifts, what better time for a refresh? Ensure that the house or office is decluttered by swapping any redundant items – instead of simply putting away new items, filling cupboards or drawers, look to see what clutter can be recycled or passed on in its place. Our immediate environment has a great impact on our mood; by creating a positive and enjoyable space around you, you will help to beat those January blues.


  1. Ditch New Year’s resolutions; set yourself one goal

New Year’s resolutions can seem like a great way to kickstart a new routine or to finally break a bad habit, but they are often unrealistic or difficult to maintain. Failure to keep them up throughout the month can make us feel down. Instead, set yourself one (realistic) goal for the end of the year – something that can be worked on and fulfilled throughout the year rather than a task that has to be maintained daily or weekly. Whether it is for your home, work or personal life, working towards one goal encourages motivation and incentive for the whole of 2019.


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