Spring Clean- Minimalistic Interior Inspiration


With spring having officially sprung, what better way to breathe new life into your home than with a declutter and tidy. Give your house a spring clean and help clear your space and your mind with these minimalistic and inspiring interior décor tips.



As the days become lighter and the weather warmer, store away any thick winter blankets, winter coats and boots that might clutter up your hallway. Pack them up in air-tight boxes to keep them organised and dust-free while stowed away.


Gather any items that have remained unused for months and take them to a recycling centre or charity shop. We often hold on to unwanted items as we feel they are in too good a condition to throw away. Instead, really consider whether the item is something you need or want and, if not, pass it on to a new home.


Less is more

Decide if your home is filled with items you really love. Only hold on to those things that are necessary or inspire you daily. Get value out of those items and eliminate unwanted clutter. A space can be opened right up by removing excess chairs or coffee tables.


Stick to a colour theme in each room or throughout your house to keep it minimalistic. You can accessorise with just a few additional colours or try layering tonal shades with soft furnishings such as cushions or throws. For a neutral room, just add a contrasting pop of colour for a refresh.


Make sure each room is balanced between functionality, aesthetic and comfort. Once you have given your house a spring clean, you should be inspired to enjoy each room. Don’t pare back too much so that you remove the room’s purpose, comfort or pleasure. Minimalistic style is about creating a harmonious balance.

Give your house a spring clean and welcome a minimalistic interior décor for a light and bright home.


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