What to Wear For A Business Meeting

Whether it’s an important business meeting, a crucial presentation or an interview for your dream job, it is essential to dress for success. First impressions are key; and presenting yourself in the most professional and polished way will only have a positive effect on your clients, colleagues or potential future employer. We have put together our three favourite looks, as well as helpful tips and guidelines, to help you decide what to wear for that all-important business meeting.


  • Keep it professional with a refined and considered colour palette. Opt for neutral shades and minimal colour to present a smart business look. A tailored pencil skirt paired with the Silk Bow Blouse creates a sophisticated yet feminine twist on the traditional business suit. Make sure your skirt length is not too short – it should always reach to the knee, keeping it work-appropriate. Navy blue is a flattering replacement for black, providing a contemporary alternative to monochrome for a business meeting. For those that want to add a hint of colour, this can be done through your coat choice or handbag. No polished professional is without a functional handbag. Your considered choice should ensure your documents, laptop and business meeting essentials travel protected and secure so that you appear organised and prepared.


what to wear to a business meeting


  •  Dress to impress with a tailored grey trouser suit. Always ensure your office outfits, especially suits, are well fitting. Your blazer should be flattering and your trousers the correct length for your leg. A hemline or sleeve length too long or too short is not going to impress, as this shows a lack of consideration to detail. Invest in a good quality suit – this will not only withstand the usual wear and tear for longer, but the fabric will have enhanced properties, not creasing or wrinkling as easily throughout the day. The Cotton Slim Shirt is the perfect work wardrobe staple to team with a tailored suit. Made from a luxurious cotton poplin, this fabric is breathable, comfortable and hardwearing.




  • Show you mean business by executing a perfected presentation and professional presence. Ensure your chosen business attire empowers you to feel confident and assertive. If you are feeling poised and powerful within yourself then this inner confidence will radiate throughout your presentation or meeting. The best way to achieve this is by making sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. The Silk Midi Skirt is our favourite choice for practicality and comfort. The voluminous shape adheres to a conservative business hemline and is unrestricting in movement and comfort. The Fitted Silk Shirt pairs beautifully with this for contrasting and flattering tailoring. It is important that your accessories are practical, and your shoes should fit well with a low heel to avoid any discomfort throughout the day. Keep jewellery to a minimum, with simple studs or delicate necklaces.



Take the stress and strain out of deciding what to wear for your business meeting with our simple tips. Leave a lasting impression on your colleagues, clients or boss when you dress for success, ensuring there is only ever one option and that is sealing the deal every time.

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